The somewhat interesting blog

From 2006 to 2013, I kept a mostly anonymous blog called ‘Zegarkus’. It was mostly an experimental site curating random things that interested me.  I managed to get in just over 100 posts during its lifespan, and have imported this posts here on vonnagy.com in 2020. Some of the posts are cringeworthy, but I am fine to leave them as I feel they show how my view on the world has changed. In other regards, I’ve also found some these post to be inspirational even after almost 15 years since I wrote them. Some of my more popular posts included a curation of isometric game engines, treehouses, and ‘homemade’ trucks.  Other posts are personal such as entries from my dream journals and views on religion.

Zegarkus was nickname given by a good friend who called ‘Markus Zegarkus‘ – it sounded like a magicians stage name, a fun name for this tiny blog!