Know Thyself and Do What Thou Wilt

Posted by on Jul 03 2009, in Do What Thou Wilt, Know Thyself, zegarkus

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Recently there was a popular post in blogosphere about popular philosophical quotations. This made me ponder a bit about what quotations had the most effect on my on life. The two most important important quotes I can think of are “Know Thyself” and “Do What Thy Wilt”.

Know Thyself – This originates from the Greeks. How well do you really know yourself, are your thoughts based on your own ideals – or are they based on what others have dictated. Until you know yourself, you will not know what is best for yourself.

Do What Thou Wilt – This quote originates from the oft maligned Aleister Crowley. The premise is do whatever you want to! This may sound anarchic at first, but it stirs the spirit of individual. Don’t do what your parents feel is right, what the church dictates is right, what your politicians say is right – do what you want to.

Do what thou wilt is entangled deeply with Know Thyself. If you do not know know yourself, you can not do what you want to do. You will merely be imitating what society wants you to do. You have to know yourself deeply in order to do what you want to do. Know thyself is passive, it is the kernal of truth that is actively implemented by ‘Do what thy wilt’.