Moving from WordPress to Blogger: my story

Posted by on Jul 03 2009, in wordpress to blogger., zegarkus

For those who are looking at my blog – I wanted to backup my blog from my cpanel hosted wordpress as it was giving me problems. There are heaps of sites about from moving from Blogger to WordPress, a scant few from moving from WordPress to Blogger.
Then I find this site from Zeaster, and he had a blinding tool to export blogs from WordPress using xmlrpc.
I used this tool and it was great! However google blogger only allows for 50 posts a day, so I didn’t get the last 33 posts from 2006 in my word press blog, no fault of the script. Secondly, it doesn’t move the images you have hosted on WordPress to blogger.
However, a couple of days later when I went to check on my wordpress blog it was hacked through a word press exploit (I am lazy as I didn’t upgrade my wordpess for a couple of years). Luckily it was only the homepage and password that got exploited, i could still access the old database (which is still there) and move them here manually.
However, I have heaps of photos to move from wordpress here.
Overall its a great script, and it was a timely move everything to blogger.