isometric game engine update

Posted by on Jul 18 2009, in agen, Isometric Game, verge3, zegarkus

Just found a couple of new game engines for isometric games. See original list of isometric game engines

Verge3: Verge3 is a game engine designed to help people make rpgs, but it can actually make most any game in a Genesis/ Super Nintendo style. It is Windows Native, written in C++, and allows for a huge amount of flexibility. VERGE is an acronym for:
Vecna’s Extrodinary Role-playing Game Engine.

Agen: AGen is a framework that serves as an abstract interface layer between the system hardware and your game. Programming games should not be about studying the inner workings of a hardware device or an operating system. AGen allows you to focus entirely on the game logic thanks to its simple and lightweight framework