The Static Programmer: Let there be water

Posted by on Jul 03 2009, in drinking water, zegarkus

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No this isn’t a technical article about computer languages. This a article about your health if spend copious amounts of time behind the computer screen.
As a computer programmer, I get obsessed with details. I can spend long long hours in front of the computer trying to come up with solutions to problems or trying to create new programs. Lets face it – you know you should be taking breaks but unfortunately being behind the screen can be a bit too alluring.

I’ve tried many solutions to break up this time. I would try get up and walk at certain times of day. But these are easily forgotten. I’ve tried to set alarms- but there is nothing worse when you are in the middle of problem and you get jarred by alert on your computer tell you sod off the computer.

Upon chance an incredibly simple, effective solution. Its drinking large quantity of water:

  • Water keeps you hydrated – programmers tend to drink heaps of caffeinated beverages that dehydrate you thoroughly. Water helps keep this in check.
  • What goes in, must come out. Yeppers – you are looking to take a break from behind that screen, nothing works better than nature’s call. If you drink alot of water, you are usually your own body to encourage you to take a break – not some artificial outside reminder!

Keeping a jug of water on your desk is best. Just fill it up at the water cooler at work. Seeing it close by is good reminder to keep hydrated. When you have to go to the loo it forces you to take a much need break from the screen!