Vancouver Island Wilderness property for sale by owners

Posted by on May 24 2021, in Photography, vancouver island


In 2016, I embarked on an adventure with my Canadian friends and we purchased 186 acre wilderness property on Vancouver Island. But as our lives changed over the past few years, we decided to sell our section of Shangri-la. This wasn’t an easy decision by any stretch of the imagination, the property was catalyst for many important changes in my life as well as reconnecting me to natural world.

We’ve had incredible wildlife experiences on the property – everything from black bears to cougars, from bald eagles to hummingbirds, from humpback wales to bioluminescence. The 186 acres provides ample opportunity to forage for oyster mushrooms, chantarelles, boletus, salmon berries, thimble berries, blackberries, huckleberries, spruce tips, sea asparagus and much, much more. Take your boat and fish for prawns, salmon, cod, and a variety of sea life.  Of the 186 acres, I can honestly say I’ve probably only explored 1/10 of the property at the most, there are plenty of serendipitous surprises for new owners to discover. I’ve written about my first time living on the property in my Outlier Cartel blog here.

Even though the property is remote, its only a short drive to the Village of Tahsis. Also there is broadband internet available, so remote workers can stay connected (if they so desire). There’s also a large shop and crane (originally for fixing logging trucks), a large generator, 3 phase power, an caravan shelter, a few small cabins, gardens, and much more. Stay as self efficient as you look, and start your own creative projects.

If you’d like to know about 625 Head Bay Road in Tahsis British Columbia, it is listed on Sothesby’s Vancouver Island here.




beach fire in moonlight


fishing near nookta island


moon across the bay


tahsis rainbows