– Psychedelic Clinical Trials Database

Posted by on Feb 28 2022, in Photography

At the beginning of the Covid pandemic in 2020, while in isolation, I decided to pick up programming again. I stopped programming as my daily job about 12 years ago. During isolation, I dabbled in a few new and old languages (Swift, Perl, Rust), but in the end I found that my old stomping grounds in PHP was perfect for the job (PHP had also come a long way during my 10 year sabbatical from programming). The project was for the Entheos Foundation of New Zealand, a research and education charity for psychedelics. aggregates clinical trial data from the following sources:,,, and The first 2 feeds above are updated automatically, all the others are manual ‘data dumps’ which I have to upload. The site is still in beta, but its functional.

I’ve since resigned from the Entheos, so its unlikely will be updated. Still, I’ll keep it up and running, if not just to see see the steady increase in psychedelic clinical trials over the years.