Its not all photography :


Here I am holding one of my favourite cameras, the FUJI FP-1

Kia Ora! I am an American born New Zealander, who moved to Auckland on the 20th of July 2002. Whilst I have no identity crisis, a lot of people of trying to figuring out where I am from (Americans don’t think I sound local, New Zealanders say I don’t sound like a Kiwi). Currently I am also between New Zealand and Canada for various projects! This is why I always viewed myself as a ‘Citizen of the World’ as opposed to getting hung up on nationalities!

This website has information on several of my personal projects including New Zealand photography, analogue photography and my work projects involving Online Republic, Outlier Cartel, and Tahsis Farm.  Regarding my photography, I have been taking photos since I was about 12 and was an early adapter of the digital SLR shooting a Canon EOS 1D. By 2007, my passion for photography had waned. When I learned that Polaroid was going out of business, I bought a cheap Polaroid camera and shot film for the first time in years – and a passion was rekindled! These days however, photography (whether digital or analogue) is just hobby – though an obsessive one.

Whether its the startup-gone-big Online Republic, our ‘gypsy’ brewery Outlier Cartel or my first truly regional and land based business, Tahsis Farm; I am passionate about business and how it can make a difference in peoples lives.

I am currently between New Zealand and Canada with my partner and love of my life Barbara.

History of my personal websites.

Vonnagy.com has become the home of most of my personal websites – 6 of them to be precise. These were all different projects at different times in my life, but now reside here on vonnagy.com. These websites ranged in topics, themes, domain names, and servers. Some have been around since 2002, some were largely anonymous until now. See below to read more.