One year of sketches

28 December 2018 - 28 December 2019

Below is the complete gallery from drawing sketches for an entire year (using the sketch a day app).

Its hard to believe that I have been doing this for a whole year ! I am not sure how my artistic skills have improved, but the challenge was trying to find something creative for each prompt. Looking back, I did some really poor, inane sketches. I also felt the last 2 weeks, the final stretch, was the hardest part. But I’ve also done some sketches that I’ve really loved, particularly those done in Charcoal – which has been been my favourite medium. I’ve learned that the mediums I enjoyed most, in order, where: charcoal, pen, digital, pencil, and coloured pencil. Perhaps the next step for me is painting, but I still think I have a long way to go for getting more realistic drawings.

The most wonderful part was creative process; some things that helped me with the creative process:

Learn from everyone. Its not just the amazing artists. There are gems in the rough on sketch a day, so what if they are not Picassos or Rembrandts. These artists make have incredible creativity. If you see something you like, a kind word goes a long way.

So here is the gallery for you to check out:

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