Auckland Lyrics

Posted by on Aug 14 2004

Its been nearly 7 years since I wrote a song. I have composed little tunes on my guitar but I haven’t written any lyrics in quite some time. It could because penning words often reminded me of my tumultuous early twenties. More likely I just diverted my creativity to photography instead of music. This morning I woke with this song in my head. It was about the last few relationships I had when I arrived in arrived in Auckland, hence, I dubbed it “Auckland”:

caught in the eddies,

is it determined by fate

I am beneath the wreckage

trapped under the weight

I howl to the gods

but will they hear?

As the storm surges

I know you are near

In your eyes I can here the sound

of sailors screaming into the raging wind

I will not give up, I’ll hold my ground

The water swirls beneath me but I will not drown

I will not drown

I will not drown

I will not drown

As the rain pelts this ocean

it stings my face

you slowly approach me

for a final embrace

you cling too tight

I cannot move

Though I see the shore

I am bound to you

In your eyes I can hear the sound

of the hurricane approaching this ship

I will not give up, I’ll hold my ground

The water swirls above me now, but I will not drown

I will not drown

I will not drown

I will not drown

One Tree Hill

Posted by on Aug 07 2004

Here are some piccies of one tree hill. To find out more about this interesting place commemorate by a U2 song, click the following link: one tree hill history:

not taken from one tree hill, but the tower on the left side is situated on one tree hill:


Posted by on Aug 01 2004

Well, here are some pics that haven’t made it to my New Zealand pictures site yet. Rainbows rule the universe, here are a few shots i took yesterday from Hobson bay.

What Dreams May Come

Posted by on Aug 01 2004

What Dreams May Come

I just saw the movie “What dreams may come” directed by Kiwi Vincent Ward. Must say that its visually stunning movie. Quite thought provoking, as it deals with a non judeo christian look at life after death – with strong theme of reincarnation. It also provides a glimpse into hell that very visceral – not one where God condemns you but where you essential condemn yourself.I am interested in reading the original book.


It reminds in bits about the Bardo Thodol, or the Tibetan book of the dead – A guide for the dying of how to approach your death. See: Tibetan Book of the Dead

It does have the “happy hollywood” ending – but its not so bad, as it shows life going on in cycles. Its sweet but not saccharine. Its labeled as a romance, but there a much more esoteric sentiment to the movie.