Relearning how to photograph

Posted by on Aug 29 2004

Today was an excellent day. I found 2 new places to photograph – Northcote Point (see post below) and Karaka Bay.

Karaka Bay – now that was a surprise for me. I spent 1 year in Glendowie, and its only a 5 minute from where i lived then but I never stumbled across it. Grrr. But hey, it was a cool discovery. I’ll probably yap more about this area later.

I decide in the afternoon to go exclusively with my new 85mm lens. This is lens is quite challenging for me – especially after shooting 15mm-30mm wide angle lens. I was used to capturing the entire scene on the lens, now only a tiny segment gets captured! And since there is no zoom, I have to move to the correct position, instead of twisting the lens to do it! The Depth of Field is much greather with the prime lens as well, and I am learning how to throw objects out focus whilst keeping the subject sharp as possible.

Here are today’s B&W results, a mixture of Northcote Point and Karaka Bay:


Under the Bridge

Posted by on Aug 28 2004

The Auckland Harbour bridge that is! Alofa Magele, an Auckland living in Brisbane, deserves much credit for these shots as he emailed me the location last week. It was a bit too chilly to stay too long here, my hands were too numb to turn the dials and such.

This is my ‘mist simulation’ shot. I huffed some of my stale morning breath on the lens to give it a soft misty effect:

This shot colours came all out of whack, this was a 30 sec time exposure. I brightened it in photoshop and increase the contrast slightly:

Hey you, critique this!

Posted by on Aug 27 2004

Here is my feeble to get you, the random blog surfer who unwittedly clicked next blog, to critique some photography.

3 of the same images, with different settings:


desaturated (black & white)

desaturated and warmed (sepia)

So which do you prefer, if any? And why do you prefer it?


Testing my new lens

Posted by on Aug 25 2004

woohoo, I recently recieved my new 85mm prime lens (canon) and it tis a beautiful thing. its very challenging taking shots with this lens because the telephoto factor but i am learning! Here are a couple of shots.

This one was taken with a ‘warming filter’

This one was taken with an ‘UV filter’

i had to take shelter from the storm, but it was a pretty intense rainbow i saw here!

Angie Aparo

Posted by on Aug 23 2004

Angie Aparo

How slack am I? I just found out Angie Aparo has released about 2 albums since “The American” one my favourite albums of all time. If you haven’t heard of him, you probably heard “Cry” which Faith Hill made popular. Its the only song by him I despise! Anyways, check out his website at Angie Aparo. This album reminded me of America and my life around September 11th.

The American also has one of favourite albums covers:

Heres the lyrics to the song that pull on me heartstrings:

The American by Angie Aparo

Sonny took a train

Mary took a boat

Somewhere it’s gonna be better

Everybody needs a little hope

Ten thousand souls

Waiting on a bus and it never rolled

So it goes…

No one’s leaving California

Pacific transit overload

Gold dust dreamers never warn ya

And my guitar strums

I am The American

I got a walking stick

And an old sock hat

I’ve got dirty hands

And I’ve got a dream to match

I’ve got a pocket full

Of government issue cures for poverty

No one’s leaving California

Pacific transit overload

All my friends live on the corner

And my guitar strums

I am The American

Under the streetlight, down by the water

Don’t worry baby, it’s nothing you ever knew

(If it) Makes you feel better, throw down a quarter

Don’t worry baby, it won’t stick to your shoes

No one’s leaving California

Pacific transit overload

Gold dust dreamers never warn ya

And my guitar strums

Yeah my guitar strums

I am The American