One Tree Hill

Posted by on Aug 07 2004, in Photography,

Here are some piccies of one tree hill. To find out more about this interesting place commemorate by a U2 song, click the following link: one tree hill history:

not taken from one tree hill, but the tower on the left side is situated on one tree hill:


  • Anonymous

    Gorgeous shots as always Mark.
    I would LOVE to visit One Tree Hill someday.

    The moon is up over One Tree Hill
    We see the sun go down in your eyes….


  • Anonymous

    Am interested in the ‘graffitti’ on the right hand side of the 2nd pic. They leave political messages high on hills in peru (no idea how they do it but apparently several blokes get out there and ‘mow’ letters a hundred feet high on the hills – have to be seen to be believed but am interested to see how the writing in that pic was done.