a place to be safe from technology


Asýlon is a place to be safe from technology. It derives from the Greek word sanctuary: It combines the prefix a, without; and sŷlon, right of seizure. It means all which can not be seized or plundered. This century has given us technology that makes our life better, but in many instances it has come at a cost, our own inner sanctuary. The root cause of this invasion comes in the form of surveillance capitalism: a market driven process where the commodity for sale is your personal data and behavioural data, and where the acquisition is done with surveillance through internet and personal devices.

This website, Asý has three goals:

In particular the emphasis will be to find practical solutions while keeping the hand waving to a minimum. Anyone can find a problem, but my hope is that solutions can be found to all issues addressed here.

The inspiration (including the name of this site) came from Shoshana Zubroff book: Age of Capital Surveillance written in 2019. This book is highly recommended. Asýlon is a personal project started by Mark von Nagy ( All comments, suggestions, corrections, and complaints are taken aboard, please see the contact page.

Other bits and bobs:

This blog was imported from  the domain into my wordpress site during September of 2020; the site was active during December 2019 to March 2020. The domain will remain online, but may repurposed for other privacy uses.