New Zealand teenagers: We know what you do, we know what you feel.

Posted by on Feb 17 2020, in asylon, Capital Surveillance, new zealand

For those do not believe surveillance capitalism is a problem in our part of the world, listen to what Shoshanna Zuboff has to say.

Shoshana Zuboff..We know about a Facebook document that was leaked to the press in Australia written by Facebook executives to their Australian and New Zealand business customers. And what do they sell in this document?

They say we have so much detailed on behaviour and emotion from 6.4 million young teenage and young adult people who live in New Zealand and Australia. And through this intense depth and range of data, we know their emotional cycles through everyday and through the week.

Matt Frei: But is that actually true or that is that just a boast?

Shoshana Zuboff: Well it appears to be true. I mean, you know, someday we’ll get into Facebook and we’ll do the forensics and because well have the law to allow us to do that.

Right now, from everything we know and everything we triangulate, it appears to be true because it dovetails with the findings of researchers who have – academic researchers indeed who have been developing these very capabilities literally since the year 2008, 2009, 2010 were these kinds of data capture, data analysis translating into emotional behavioural insights that predict future behaviour.

We know that these capabilities exist and have been proven.

The full video is nearly 40 minutes an excellent primer surveillance capitalism. Below is the video – just beware that is hosted on youtube which is not a privacy focused product: