Apocalyptic Firesale – Get your bunkers on the cheap!

Posted by on Jul 09 2011, in apocalypticpost, cheap bunkers, Terra Vivos

A few months ago, I posted about bunkers sales up by 1000%. Well, according to business insider they decided to let the common man in on their gig selling an economy model for only $9,950 USD (premium models start at $25,000).

Its guaranteed to keep you alive for 6 months and survive at 20 megaton blast – not too shabby:

Here is a bit about Terra Vivos (from their homepage):

Vivos is a privately funded venture, with no religious affiliations, building a global network of underground shelters, to accommodate thousands of people. Vivos will provide a life assurance solution for those that wish to be prepared to survive these potential events, whether they occur now, in 2012, or in decades to come. Co-own an equity share of the Vivos shelter closest to your home area.  Which side of the door do you want to be on?


  • Anonymous

    Not sure I'd be in one of these if I was in Japan and a tidal wave hit but at least there's a way to ride out the 2012 apocalypse for a reasonable price…..