Fathoms, a Post Apocalyptic Animation with heart

Posted by on Jul 08 2011, in apocalyptic Brooklyn, apocalypticpost, Fathoms, Joe Russ

Fathoms is an up and coming animation project about post apocalyptic Brooklyn:

The ice caps have melted. The air is filled with a poisonous smog. No land. No safety. Sam and Evan, along with their rescued cat, Hippo, pilot the scavenger Arken, a salvaging submarine. Together, they search the endless seas for organic life and raw materials to help rebuild their world.

Sam is still holding onto her past, trying to stay ever hopeful in the face of a ever darker reality. Evan, like a father, is trying to keep them safe and ever moving forward. Hippo has no idea what’s going on…he’s just a cat!

The suspense, mystery, and struggle unfolds in FATHOMS!


If you want to see this become a reality, you can back the film here:  http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mografi/fathoms-an-animated-sci-fi-film-with-heart