Vacationlanders – Post Apocalyptic Maine

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I reckon Maine is a pretty good place to have a post apocalyptic setting. The home state of horror writer Stephen King is now featured on webisodes called Vacationlanders (Vacationland is the motto on Maine ‘s registration plate). From their homepage:

Vacationlanders is a 12 part miniseries that will be released on the Internet as free webisodes.
Our story begins in 2012, when the U.S. government takes its first drastic step in the decline of the Age of Oil. In response to leaked data about the true remaining oil reserves in Saudi Arabia, Congress passes the “Emergency Energy Conservation Act.” Within several months, six U.S. states are shut off from the grid and all remaining infrastructure is left in the hands of those who choose to stay behind.

No power. No services. No Internet. No law.

Three years later, a documentary film crew travels into The Unorganized Territories of Maine to learn and document how survival has worked for those who have made the decision to stay and rough it out. Those people will be known as Vacationlanders.

Update 2020-09-03 – entire episodes are on youtube here.

Here are a couple of videos to get you started:


  • They should have gone with the product placement gal. I'll bet she would have remembered to check the anti-freeze.