Counting Down To Zero Nuclear Weapons [Documentary]

Posted by on Jun 22 2011, in apocalypticpost, Countdown to Zero, Lucy Walker, Valerie Plame

Is nuclear anihilation still in the cards for the human race? Lucy Walker seems to think so. In her movie, Countdown to Zero, she expresses her opinion that mankind is more at risk from nuclear weapons than ever before.

For Lucy, fear of nuclear war had been with her since she was a child (from the Guardian):

“I remember my dad saying you’d need to build a shelter, and you’d need a gun to keep the neighbours out,” says Walker, “and my mother saying she’d take a suicide pill anyway. To hear these ideas coming out of the mouths of your otherwise sensible parents, it didn’t compute. It was so shocking and outrageous.”

Here is the official trailer for Countdown to Zero:

Interestingly, Valerie Plame served as a consultant for the movie (starting around 1:50)

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