Apocalypse Revelation TV Series

Posted by on May 29 2011, in Apocalypse Revelation TV Series (Religious), apocalypticpost, Richard Harris

For those of you more religiously inclined, you can watch the ‘Apocalypse Revelation‘ featuring Richard Harris. The production seems slick for the genre and it is based on ‘John of Patmos’ vision of the Apocalypse. Taking place in 90 AD, the Roman Empire is being run by the Domitian, who has declared himself to be a God. Christians, naturally, find this repulsive to their world view so┬áDomitian has them persecuted. The movie contains some of John the Revelator’s apocalyptic visions, therefore I decided to include it here.

The series is divvied up into 10 episodes on Youtube, you can view the rest by clicking on the one below:


  • Jason

    interesting change of pace, not a fan of the bible, but revelations is probably the origin of most apocalyptic literature out there.