Weathertop Cows

Posted by on Apr 13 2009, in cows, limestone country, port waikato, portwaikato

This shot was take in the limestone country in hinterland behind Port Waikato, about 1 hour south of Auckland. This shot is courtesy of the Snodgrass family who allowed me to stay at their place and take a few photos.
The photographs on these site (currently 93 pictures) where taken from 2004 – 2007 at and around Port Waikato New Zealand. They reflect a time when I discovered not only this beautiful area of New Zealand, but my passion for photography. All the following images where taken on my Canon 10D using a sigma 15-30 wide angle lens and UV filter.
While my current career and lifestyle don’t permit to go out to Port Waikato and take as many photographs as I used to, I hope that these images share the magical light that illuminates one of my favourite areas of the world.
For those interested, this site has gone through a few transitions. For the past few months it has been down – the hosting company went out of business and I didn’t have time recreate everything again. I’ve opted for a simpler approach, instead of building my own site, I would host it on a google blogger account. This way the site is insured to stay up permanent. The site can be accessed by or
For those interested in my photography visit my two other sites: – This is my general photography site, it contains photography from all over New Zealand plus additional countries. Consists primarily of New Zealand Landscape photography – This is my experimental photography site. Here i dive into analogue photography including 35mm, Polaroid and instant photography as well as a few digital shots. Not for all tastes and not to be taken seriously, its reflects more of the quirky fun and the extremely amatuer side of my photography.
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  • Guillaume Le Nistour

    Wonderful photos… Thanks !!!!

  • Hi
    I love your photos – thanks so much.
    Port Waikato is a special place for me also as my in-laws have a bach at Sunset Beach.
    I ask your permission to feature a few of your shots as my facebook banner. I will credit your website and hopefully drive a bit of traffic to see and enjoy all the PW photos.

  • Hi Garry, thanks so much for your kind words, feel free to use the pictures!