New Zealand Photography

Posted by on Feb 07 2015, in Photography

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My arrival to New Zealand in 2002 was one of amazement; while I had seen a few pictures of New Zealand prior to my arrival that foretold it’s beauty, I was not expecting nearly every corner of this country to be so photogenic. When I arrived, I didn’t even have a camera at the time! I travelled both Islands for a month before I decided to settle down and find work. Eventually I did find work and with that money I bought a Canon EOS 10D and went to work!

This site you are visiting has recently been updated after 9 years of being a static website. Here you can find my latest work (which is old fashioned film photography) as well as my collection of New Zealand Photsos. Here’s a quick list of links that help you find your way through the photographs on this site:

If you like, feel free contact me through my website, always happy to get comments on my website (there are always typos in need of fixing!)