Pentax MZ-5N Review

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The Pentax MZ-5N was one of the cameras I won in my ‘Pentax bundle’ auction in December 2012.  Like the Z1-P, its fully automatic.

First Impressions:
Like the Z1-P, its very plasticky. It came with 28-80mm 3.5 lens, as I mentioned earlier I am not a big fan of  zoom lenses. The camera has a nice weight to it, the feel is nice as well – but perhaps it just me as I have small hands.

Giving it a Hoon:
I shot a roll of 12 exposure Fuji Superia 100 ASA and developed it normally. Here is a sample of shots I took at the Winter Garden in Auckland domain:




Final Thoughts:

This camera was actually easier to start using that the ZP-1. To test it I just put everything on automatic. The pictures were pretty good. As with the ZP-1, I went about using this camera without using the manual; in this case, the manual wasn’t needed. Here are a few notes:

  • This camera takes 2 Lithium CR2 batteries, I couldn’t find these cheaply in New Zealand so I ordered them from the UK at a reasonably cost.
  • The Autorewind will pull the leader into the cartridge. 
  • The Pentax F 28-80 Zoom lens is nice and sturdy, if a bit plasticky. 
Overall its a good camera. There is nothing that would make go ‘wow!’ about it, so I would probably shoot some of my other Pentax’s before giving this one another go. Even though this camera was simpler to use than the ZP-1, I prefer the ZP-1. The off the top of my head score for this cam: 7 outta 10.
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  • Rachel

    Pretty flowers, and pretty shots indeed. Congratulations to your new camera!