The Polaroid 600SE – I’m not selling it.

Posted by on Dec 31 2012, in parahanga, Polaroid 600SE, review

The Polaroid 600SE was my first really serious investment in a pack film camera. I had picked up several cheap pack film cameras in the past for less than $15NZ in the past. I did some research and the 600SE seemed like the way to go for getting some serious quality packfilm shots.

I am writing this because I nearly put this on to sell on The word is nearly. The camera is heavy. Its hard to lug around. Sometimes the viewfinder was bit tricky to use. In the end, as I was writing the ad, I actually convinced myself there is no way in hell I am selling (yet)! I am not sure if I am a good ad writer or just being sentimental but after looking at the shots I took with the 600SE, I am sure I can get alot more mileage out of the camera.

For a great review of the Polaroid 600SE, go here instead of reading this post.

My Almost Ad to Sell My Polaroid 600SE ————————-



Ultimate Polaroid Camera Christmas Package 

This is the Polaroid 600SE. Its been my main Polaroid camera and great work horse. I’ve recently taken photos with it; a sample of pictures are here. This is a working camera.  These are harder to come by in NZ, I bought this one the USA.

Here’s what you get:

  1. Polaroid 600SE Body
  2. 127mm Lens with cap
  3. 3 Hoya Close Up Diopters for ultra close up shots: +1, +2, +4
  4. 3 Packs of FP-100C Fuji Film, expired 4/2012 but kept fresh in fridge and works.
  5. lens cloth

No fungus. The body has wear but its perfectly functional. This isn’t a dainty instax camera, this thing is built like a truck: its a heavy beast and built to last. If you are digital photographer and are curious about film, this is a any easy gateway into film.

The diopters – they take a bit of practice – but the you can take close ups up to 5.5″.  Here’s more info on Flickr Just keep in mind, this is rangefinder, not SLR, so you’ll have to bring out the tape measure for accurate shots.

This takes Pack Film, and if you haven’t shot FP-100C before, it is gorgeous. This the type of film that you peel apart after an allotted time, not the type that slowly develops in front of you. FP100c is much larger than instax mini and bit larger than instax wide. Plus you get 3 packs of refridgerated (not frozen) packs.

What it doesn’t come with is light meter. You can also use an app called FotometerPro if you have an iPhone. Find it here:, its .99 ¢.

Because I know you’ll ask, there is no buy now. And for god’s sake, no bidders who are going to put this on display, get out there and shoot!