Own your own Nuclear Bunker for less than $15,000 USD

Posted by on Apr 19 2011, in apocalypticpost, Lincolnshire Bunker

Need your own cosy little spot on the British Isles? Check out this nuclear bunker in Lincolnshire, UK. As written on the mirror.co.uk, here is what 7000 quid will get you:

Set in a “stunning Wolds location” in Lincolnshire, this decommissioned Cold War bunker can withstand a nuclear attack. And the new owner will get a 15ftx7ft living area, 12-watt lighting, a solid fuel-burning stove and a single bed in a private 300sq metre compound for their cash.


  • Brendon

    The Lincolnshire Wolds is a lovely area, perhaps more fitting for country cottage than a bunker, but then again, this might be the most affordable way to live there!