Throwing the lawbook at doomsday

Posted by on Feb 26 2011, in apocalypticpost, Post Apocalyptic Law

Seems like we can’t get rid lawyers even after Apocalypse. Lawmakers in New York have their own legal manual script if a disaster hit. From the New York Times:

So this month, an official state legal manual was published in New York to serve as a guide for judges and lawyers who could face grim questions in another terrorist attack, a major radiological or chemical contamination or a widespread epidemic.

Quarantines. The closing of businesses. Mass evacuations. Warrantless searches of homes. The slaughter of infected animals and the seizing of property. When laws can be suspended and whether infectious people can be isolated against their will or subjected to mandatory treatment. It is all there, in dry legalese, in the manual, published by the state court system and the state bar association.

The manual, benignly titled ‘Public Health Legal Manual’  can be downloaded here (pdf file 3.7 MB)