Lori Nix – Post Apocalyptic Diorama

Posted by on Feb 26 2011, in apocalypticpost, lori nix, post apocalyptic diorama

I thought I posted this here before but apparently I haven’t!. Ceck out the Post Apocalyptic dioramas of Lori Nix, which I found via the art blog, hey mammoth.

From Hey Mammoth:

The City is the newest series by photographer Lori Nix. Over the course of a 7 month period Nix meticulously crafted each of these tiny rooms (dioramas) by hand and slowly created the lighting for the each shot. I love it when a photographer will spend a tremendous amount of time creating a set or in this case a diorama. For me, there’s something special about putting yourself into the image long before the image has even been captured — doing this creates a connection between the photographer and the image that you cannot get any other way.




 this last one reminds me of an abandoned vault from the original fallout computer games :


Check out more of the ‘The City‘ from Lori Nix here.


  • Anonymous

    Spot on with the Fallout reference. Love the site, look forward to your posts.