Zeitoun – The Apocalypse that Really Happened

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A few months ago I came across this post by Schlow Reader about a Hurricane Katrina survivor named Zeitoun. The premise sounded interesting – Zeitoun, a Muslim American, decides to weather the storm in order to help out his neighbours.

This book is an excellent read, is well researched and based on fact – but written as a novel. It is a story about survival in post apocalyptic conditions, a love story, and a story about mistaken indentity. Here is a quick excerpt:
Todd was arguing with his interrogators. Zeitoun could hear occasional bursts as the questioning at the Amtrak desk continued. Todd was a hothead on a normal day, so it didn’t surprise Zeitoun that he was agitated during the processing.
“Are we going to get a phone call?” Todd asked.
“No,” the officer said.
“You have to give us a phone call.”
There was no answer.
Todd raised his voice, rolled his eyes. The soldiers around him stood closer, barking admonitions and threats back at him.
“Why are we here?” he asked a passing soldier.
“You guys are Al Qaeda,” the officer said.
Todd laughed derisively, but Zeitoun was startled. He could not have heard right.
You find the book ‘Zeitoun’ on Amazon and it is also available in Audio format.

Here is a youtube interview with Zeitoun:


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