Post Apocalyptic Fashion… Victims?

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Ok I’ll have to agree somewhat with the Guardian says about Post Apocalyptic clothes regarding movies – they are a bit on the barbaric side:

A movie apocalypse isn’t a proper movie apocalypse if the survivors are sensibly dressed, perhaps in a cardigan and some nice slacks. In the new post-virus cannibal epic Doomsday, for example, the survivors wear lurid punk hairstyles, facial tattoos and enormous stompy boots. It’s as if 80s pop loons Sigue Sigue Sputnik have become the dominant race on the planet. Why is it that our film-makers think it will be this way? After all, with 99 per cent of the population gone, there will be countless clothes shops left to loot; even all-out nuclear war can’t get rid of them all. Still, it’s clearly seen as more effective to put our hero in an appalling pair of leather trousers, and to give his main enemy a Mohawk, an inexplicable nose-ring and big stompy boots to clomp around in….

While there doesn’t seem to be many sites dedicated to Post Apocalyptic Fashion, you can buy some wastelandish threads at the SludgeFaktory.

From their own site:
“Scraplands ©”, the noxious creation from the “Sludgefaktory ©”, has risen from the wreckage to overthrow the colorless fashion world. Specializing in Apocapunk, steampunk, rivethead, and other disastrous creations, we wage war on the maggots of mainstream as we form a new chapter of terror!
We are pleased to bring you a range of Post Apocalyptic Gothic clothing. If you are looking for Gothic, Punk, steampunk, rivethead, industrial, cyber, and Post Apocalyptic (ect) clothing, you have come to the right place.
Sludgefaktory proudly presents the hottest in alternative fashions. We take pride in being an underground clothing source. Everything is made by hand here by us, and that’s how we like it. We will never conform to da man. You will NEVER see a Flame Throwing Post Apocalyptic Jacket offered at any other trendy cesspool. The jacket is complete and can be accessed by following the below link.
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If you enjoy Post Apocalyptic Rivethead Goth steampunk Industrial Punk or Cyber Fashions – you can find something here. We enjoy serving the goth and goth-curious community and hope to do business with you soon!


  • The leather-clad, post-apoc barbarians are indicative of how the anti-hero leaders, enforcers, and movers and shakers of the apocalypse are likely to dress, not the average populace clinging to survival and scuttling from hovel to hovel like rats. While the common and craven masses will scramble to loot abandoned "GAPs" and "Old Navys", the special kind of hardasses who will be tough and shrewd enough to rise to the top of the new tribal order will need to don something that conveys a little more about their spirit and dangerous nature than a stained and passed-over Abercrombie and Fitch. The clothes make the man.

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    Not to mention many of these clothes, especially leather hold up well to wear and tear, and offer at least some minor degree of protection from the elements as well as against weapon wielding thugs.

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    I do not recommend ordering from them as you may not ever receive what you purchased.

    I'm very disappointed to say that I have had a TERRIBLE experience with Scraplands Apocalyptic clothing. I ordered a skirt back in June for a friend's birthday (it is now October!!). Scraplands sent the wrong skirt, then even after I tried to return the incorrect one (though it was their mistake), they refused to send me the correct skirt that I ordered. I keep trying to contact them, but I've had no success. All I want is the skirt I ordered for my friend!

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    Scam! Stay away or you're gonna loose money.
    Ref: Sludge Factory Clothing Scam Group on Facebook

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    Check out and see this company's 'F' rating. They take your money and they delay for 45 days until you can no longer dispute thru PayPal. Then you'll never hear from them again. SCAMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!