…We went to the year 2137 A.D.

Posted by on Aug 01 2009, in Al Bielek, apocalypticpost, post apocalyptic future

So you want a taste of the Post Apocalyptic – the controversial conspiracy theorist Al Beliek has been there an done that. So here’s a bit of taste of what the future has for us according to his time travel to year 2137 and 2749. Some of it ain’t too pretty:

  • Year 2137: Severe Earth Changes – Maps of the Earth Get Altered due to Earth Changes
  • Year 2137: Population is about 500 Million
  • Year 2137: Miltary/New World Order has taken over
  • Year 2749: Pseudo Utopic Society is created
  • Year 2749: Floating Cities
  • Year 2749: Master computer controlling all civilisation

Click here to another the video of the travels to 2749 (can’t embed)
Its great to listen for the sheer imagination and entertainment value of what will happen in the future.



  • Today is New Tibetan Year 2137 :O