Make money while God takes his chosen people!

Posted by on Jul 12 2009, in apocalypticpost, make money, post rapture

The Apocalypse got you down? Need to make a spare buck or two now that all your rich Christian friends have been given a free ride to heaven? Well despair now longer, we have a book for you!

Taking on the religious, political and consumer force of the modern End Times movement, comic authors Weiner and Davilman (Yiddish with Dick and Jane) turn out their sharpest satire yet with a hysterical step-by-step financial guide for those “left behind” by the Rapture-when, according to literal interpretations of the New Testament, the faithful will be whisked bodily to Heaven by Jesus. The authors chart their way through the Rapture and Tribulation, using actual bible verses and scholarship (Tim LaHaye, bestselling author of the Left Behind series, is quoted often) to chronicle the series of plagues that make up the end of the world (war, famine, a fiery mountain in the sea, invisible horse-shaped locusts), and their considerate plans for making money in the aftermath. At times laugh-out-loud funny, this skewering volume is also a sobering look at the beliefs of many Americans, but Weiner and Davilman employ irreverence without insult, handling the highly-charged topic with a surprisingly light touch. Illus.

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