Post Apocalyptic Maps

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Post Apocalyptic maps are nothing new – but they did become popular in recent years with the ‘I am America’ map of earth changes in 1989. I’ve collected a few of the these earth changes/Post Apocalypic Maps for you to see what could be in store for us at the end times.
The general cosensus is: Avoid Florida.
I am America Map – US Version

This one is found here:

This is another map base on I am America found here:

Alternative History board has a fun thread going with Post Apocalypic Maps of America, once again, if you live in Florida, your f**ked: This map was posted by user euio
Feeling a bit deviant, try one of these nuclear blast zone maps on your home city, or better yet, the city where your ex lives. This a fun little tool done in google maps from
Along the same lines as above, this map from shows where to avoid living in the USA when the bombs come a fallin’:


  • Anonymous

    North America remains; A southwest to northeastern sand-bar, with scant, charred debris surfacing above the sands, and nothing more.

    Years later; Unmarked, silent lifts, set a few homes; best described as, wore-torn in appearance, leaving them on either side of a narrow pass, near the Canadian boarder or at least where Canada used to be?

    They were set down in the night, without notice nor mention after, as for why..

    Small fishing craft, begin using the narrow waterway, as if a tiny version of the Panama canal and eventually, settler-river authorities were moved into them, to manage them crossing the bar of fallen North America.

    Where they came from; I have no idea? I do know, they were shaken to near Paranoid schizophrenia, and they were armed and not friendly with anyone by any terms. They were not Americans, nor did they speak English.

    Eventually, most of them shot one another for various irrational reasons; some in the night.

    Eventually them passing through by boat, came to be better armed and had tired of being mauled in passing by them, and they too vanished and were no more.

    This is the truth of the state of the North American Continent, as accurate as I recall to that point in time.

    Not a single bird ever landed, nor could they have survive upon it if they had.

    The remaining life and lives, upon the whole of the earth, were for the most part, silent for ravish. I was unable to find even one, that was not in such a state of shock, that all reason unto insanity was all that remained of them.

    I expended a great long, arduous trial, beyond the capacity of most to manage to reason, to recover this information. That any other, may know of the truth and not all this tripe, disinformation.

    Is it not enough already, as much as has already been taken form as many kind, good willed and intentions of the people, that you must persist, condemning yourselves, for so many unanswered crimes?

    And yet they persist, knowing what I speak of is absolutely true?

  • Anonymous

    wore-torn ? blah blah blah