Chernobyl Photos/Picture Resources

Posted by on Jul 06 2009, in apocalypticpost, Chernobyl Pictures

Here are some great photographic sources for Chernobyl Disaster. Most of the images are quite sad – but are a reminder of what its like to live a post apocalyptic world.

Kiddospeed – this is best known and arguably the best resource – its a fascinating story about a motorcycle tour to the heart of the deadzone:
National Geographic did a special on Chernobyl, its rather short but has some good photos as you would expect of National Geographic:
English Russia has a good number of excellent photos here:
This impressive collection of photos was taken by a forum user “” – from a tour he did of Chernobyl: is a social bookmarking service for images – although not all the images are of Chernobyl there many images ‘inspired’ but what happened there. The image below was sourced from here
Flickr is another obvious place for chernobyl images – not all them are of the apocalyptic variety, but there are heaps of pictures to look through (the photo below was taken from this photographer) is another social bookmarketing site for images – here you find a great deal of photographic content on Chernobyl as well – I particually thought the content was quite unique here:
Google Images is another obvious search – some of the results are a bit dubious, as when you do an unfiltered search as below:
I actually find Bing image search a bit better on image search than google, I like the infinite scrolling feature. Content seems to be a bit better than google:
Of course if you are a bit old school you can try altavista/yahoo/alltheweb image search, they do an ok job as well: