Instax Wide/Mini New Zealand

Posted by on Jun 17 2009, in fuji instax mini, fuji instax wide, new zealand, parahanga

minifilm-9183428Instax films are Fuji’s answer to the void left by Polaroid closing at the end of last year. Though they are not compatible with Polaroid cameras, they do have have all the charm of the old polaroids in that they form right in front of your eyes.

On of nice things about Fuji Instax is that the quality is much better than Polaroid integral (i’ve used 600 and 779 film), especially colour saturation. There are less blemishes as well. Another advantage over Polaroid films is that its more consistent. However, some may say that the defects are part of the charm of Polaroid film!


Fuji instax comes in two varieties – mini – which is business card size print (H x W): 6.2 cm x 4.6 cm and Wide which is panoramic sized instant print (H x W): 6.2 cm x 9.9 cm. You will need separate cameras for each type of film.

As far as buying, I find that Ebay is your best source for buying cheap instax films. You can find a few dealers on and retails stores that carry the film, but you are better off finding instax dealers on Ebay – especially those in Asia who usually have the best deals (many even provide free shipping). One I have bought from in the past is HKAsiaMall

Its much easier to shoot Fuji Instax than Polaroid. I know the spontaneity is suppose to be part of the Polaroid fun, but I find its too expensive without having a plan for your photo.

Here is a shot from instax wide format: