Out and About Treehouse Resort – Takilma Oregon (treehouses.com)

Posted by on Jun 12 2009, in Treehouses, Uncategorized, zegarkus

Well its been over 6 months since my last post here, I’ve been incredible busy with alot of projects, unfortunately my blogging has been left far behind. But the good news is that have some great photos from trip to the United States – and I am posting 27 photos from my experience at the Out and About treehouse resort in Talkima Oregon early last month.

The place is amazing – my girlfriend and myself marveled at the creations. If you are visiting southern Oregon, please drop by and see the treehouses and stay a night if you can! I hope these pictures speak for themselves! Also see my post of Treehouses of the World


  • Besides a real fun place, they serve a great Breakfast…