Homemade Motorhomes, DIY RVs, and HouseTrucks!

Posted by on Jun 07 2008, in Architecture, Homemade Motorhomes, Housetrucks, zegarkus

Six years ago, when I was visiting the south island of New Zealand – I travelled on a remote unsealed road in the Otago region. In the far off distance I saw strange site… it was house shifting to the east on the horizon behind the hills. I had to pinch myself, had I been driving too long? After a couple of minutes I was able to see clearly what it was – it was a house built into the back of a truck. It wasn’t transported the house per say, it was the house. It was approaching me now on the road and I pulled over (with a look of amazement), as the truck passed, the young couple inside must have seen my look of bewilderment as they smiled and waved.

So was my first experience seeing house trucks. I’ve seen a few more since then, unfortunately I don’t have the photos – but there are couple of really great sites that do! You can convert nearly any type of vehicle to a highway home; trucks, tractors and those old yellow school buses. Interested in building one? Build your own House on wheels by clicking here, here, here or join the yahoo group here. Too bad I haven’t seen any motorhome rental, even private ones for such ‘works’ of art.

Click here for some photos from Stu’s House Truck blog from New Zealand.

Another great Homemade Motorhome is HouseTrucks.com. Author of this site has published a book with nearly 400 pictures of housetrucks. Again click on the links to read more about the photos to see the images!

Here are some other interesting results found from Google image search on House Trucks:


Papa had a rolling home…

Convert your school bus to a living space!


  • Is it possible to finance this type of endeavor? I am looking at a 1971 trailways bus already converted into a home. Everything is brand new and in mint condition. However, I can't seem to find anyone who will finance this nontraditional purchase. Any ideas would help. Thank you