“Reality Blink” by the pool

Posted by on May 24 2008, in Reality Blink, zegarkus

When I was very young, maybe 8 or 9 years old, I had a very strange experience. In fact, I only recently told my girlfriend recently about it. Its difficult to describe, becuase the experience was quite mundane – though its left an impression on me for some time. Here is what happened:

I was watching my father use a long pole-net to collect leaves that had fallen in the pool. In less than an instant, before my eyes, he was on the otherside of the pool collecting leaves from the other side of the pool. He moved about 6 metres instantaneously. How in the hell did that happen, I remember saying to myself, thats physcially impossible! My dad couldn’t have run that distance especially carrying the pole-net. I remember feeling a bit stunned, as if someone was playing with the fabric of time. Because it was such a mundane scene, I never told anyone (seeing someone shift 6 metres instantly by the pool is not an exciting topic).

For some reason – I felt like that experience has happened to me more than once but this is the only one I can remember. Recently, I have been reading the book “Time Storms” by Jenny Randle. She has a section called “Reality Blinks” – which is described in the following way:

Other witnessesses have likened it to shifting into a parallel earth where everthing is basically the same but small things have changed. If there are co-existent realities, each one different only slightly from others, what would experience if we moved ‘sidways’ from one track to another? Is it reasonable to surmise that the witness may perceive this shift in the form of reality blinks – just described here?

Two friends first alerted me to the reality blink idea by reporting an event that happened to them on a visit to the Kyle of Lochalsh in Scotland. They were standing eating fish and chips next to a car park when one turned to the other, eyes gaping, and said, ‘Did you see that?’ Both had. An empty car right in front of them had suddenly moved a few yards sideways. Peter said: ‘We sort of paused mid-chip and shrugged. But whilst we both saw it, cars do not of course move sideways [it wa not on a slope]. So it wa a case of “Oh!” and on to the next chip.’

I am curious if anyone else has had similar experiences to these aforementioned “Reality Blinks”?