Europe 2007: let’s meet up!

Posted by on Feb 01 2007, in travel,

Hi All,

As you all can tell by the dearth of photography that has appeared here in the past couple – I have been very busy. Not much time to do any photography between now and June. But from June 15 – Sept 15, I plan to do heaps of travelling inside of Europe.

If you’d like to meet up, let me know. Here is my (extremely) tentative itinerary!


    • June 15 – 21 [set in stone] Rome, Italy to Ravello – Got a wedding to attend (no, not my own)!


    • June 22 – 24 [tentative/flexible] Cortina Italy (or vicinity)


    • June 25 – 30 [tentative/flexible] Innsbruck, Austria


    • July 1 -2 [tentative/flexible] Vienna, Austria


    • July 3 – 6 [tentative/flexible] slowly making it up to poland (stops in hungary, czech?)


    • July 7 – 17 [tentative/flexible] Warsaw Poland


    • July 18 – 22 [semi set in stone] Bath UK – Got another wedding to attend (no, not my own)!


    • July 23 – 25 [tentative/flexible] Cardiff Wales


    • july 27 – 31 [tentative/flexible] Travelling to Lisbon? or somewhere else? not sure…


    • Aug 1 – 20 [tentative/flexible] somewhere in Sweden


    • August 20 – 31 [tentative/flexible] back to Poland/Ukraine Gdansk? Krakow? who knows


    • Sept 1 – 10 [tentative/flexible] floating somewhere in eastern europe…


    • sept 10 – 15 [tentative/flexible] mad dash to frankfurt germany and departure to kiwiland again!


Nothing is set in stone, but if you are Europe – let me know! I’d probably love to meet up. Incidently- if you are wondering why have Poland in my list a couple of times – its because I am having an exhibtion there! I will fill you in on details about that soon..

I am looking for interesting, off the beaten track type places to photograph. So if you see your country above (or if you kinda close to a country listed above) and know of some interesting places, please give me a shout – email below.

As an aside thanks for all 24,000+ visitors who visited my site last month – apologies for not having more fresh content here. Thanks to all the people who have emailed or left their kind words in my blog – I may not always have a chance to respond but I truly appreciate your time and comments.