non-christian perspective on speaking in tongues

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This is more of resource than an article but here are some links I have found on doing research on glossolalia – or what Christians call speaking in tongues. Normally, I would add commentary here but unfortunately time permits only to keep this post to a minimum.

Definition Glossolalia:
This defines glossolalia and also gives some indication of some pre-christian origins of the practice. click here

Skeptics Point of View:
A disbeliever’s point of view of speaking in tongues that includes a short article about study of showing the brain functions of person who is ’speaking in tongues’ click here

Brain Function of those who speak in tongues:
These are the direct articles about the the brain function of persons who speak in tongues. click here and here

Science Point of View

This includes another scientific study that suggest (but does not conclude) that glossolalia is a learned phenomenon. click here

A Survey of Glossolalia and Related Phenomena in Non-Christian Religions
A book by L. Carlyle May that discusses Glossolalia outside of Christianity. click here

Psychology of speaking in tongues
This is a brief excerpt from a book by Julian Jayne “The origin of consciousness in the breakdown of the bicameral mind”. From google books – click here