Zegarkus Alternative Guitar Tuning

Posted by on Oct 07 2006, in guitar tuning, zegarkus

originally from here: http://zegarkus.com/2006/10/07/zegarkus-alternative-guitar-tuning/

I seldom leave my guitar in a regular tuning anymore. This tuning came about when I was in music school I developed tendonitus in my hands from overplaying classical guitar it was a very low tuning so it was very soft to play. It also found it to have a very haunting sound.

Here is the tuning:

6th String 5th String 4th String 3rd String 2nd String 1st string
Standard E A D G B E
Zegarkus D b F C E b G C

Now this looks quite unusual, but you will found that you can play the open strings as bass (Db, F) and melodies on highers (G, C) as well as some interesting chordal combinations on the center strings (C , Eb ).

If you have tried this tuning, I would be interested in hearing your comments.