The deceived of the world – apocalyptic dream 06-Jan-2005

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From my journal 06-Jan-2005

I was in a huge hall. Facing me there was a massive doorway, I could see the the 12 rulers of the world at the end of the hallway. There was a strange Christlike presence telling me to enter. Upon entering, I noticed trap door immediately in front of me that could drop unsuspecting persons into a deep pit. I felt anger at the Christ-presence for not warning me about this.
I went into the chamber of the 12 rulers of the world. I received some council from the rulers (though I can not remember what that council was). Upon leaving, I stood outside the great chamber and watched others go in. Like me the others received council from the rulers.
As they left the chamber, the trap door sprung open. I watched the surpised persons fall through the pit. I could hear hungry lions below at the bottom of the pit tearing bodies apart. As added insurance, archers from the court also shot arrows to ensure the victims were dead.
What I remembered most is the complete surprise of the victims as this happened – and that this trap had been planned by the rulers all along.
After a short time some of the guards of the great hall becamed appalled at what was happening. They attacked the other guards in the court under direct control the 12 rulers. A great civil war was occurring before my eyes.
As I awoke from this dream – I floated up and saw great civil war. Thousands of bodies lay strewn about the great hall and chamber. Those still alive looked like massive swarms of ants attacking each other.

This one of the most allegorical dreams that I had. It is abound with many religious themes. I don’t know why I had this dream. One explanation was that I was involved in Freemasonry. A couple of months earlier I had gone through the second iniation and realised that it just wasn’t for me. I may have link freemasonry to my subconscience because is rich in imagery and because its a often claimed to be an occultic anti-Christian practice. For the record, I consider myself agnostic.
However the message here is very bold and unsettling, perhaps and in some ways my interpretation seems a bit too simplistic. Themes of false christ, deception, judgement and civil wars seem to implicate something greater than my own situation. Also I am not sure who the ‘12 rulers of the world’ are, though 12 is a very significant number in religious organisation (12 tribes of Isreal, 12 apostles etc).