Did Mercury Energy get possessed by the Devil?

Posted by on Nov 14 2005, in Photography, vonnagy.blogspot.com

For those of you who don’t know, Mercury Energy is a major Power company here in NZ. I got a strange automated call about a half ago informing me that I hadn’t payed bill – which is strange because my bill is on Autopayment.

Like good lad, I immediately ring up Mercury Folks at Mercury Energy. My phone gets disconnect during the punch your numbers in the phone bit. So I try again and i get managed to put on hold. But the ‘hold music’ was quite strange, the lyrics of a country western type song that refrained through the phone was:

Jesus, I am evil
Jesus, I am evil
Jesus, I am evil
Jesus, I am evil

It may not have been the ‘hold music’, i do remember living in Atlanta Georgia that oldies station Fox 97.1 FM used to get picked up in the old analogue phones. (For that matter, I used to pick up Fox Fm in my fillings – it was part there strategy to brainwash the masses into listen to elvis presley 24/7)

But since this a digital phone, listening to Jesus, I am evil on the phone from Mercury Energy was a bit of laugh.

Then oddly, after about 2 minutes on hold a recording said:

We are sorry, we are unable to complete your call due to an emergency evacuation.

Did some evil satanist take over Mercury Energy?


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  • bea

    Ha! Love it – I too am a coveted Mercury customer (this, I say in jest) and have yet to endure their satanic telephone music as I communicate by email. Still, I look forward to the day….