Best New Zealand Film (ever) – Kaikohe Demolition

Posted by on Oct 16 2005, in Photography,

Yeah, so movies are filmed in New Zealand (the piano, LOTR, Silvia, Last Samurai) but until now I have never seen a movie that truly captures what New Zealand is about.

You gotta check out this doco called ‘Kaikohe Demolition ‘. I laughed till i almost cried (in a very good way, mind you). Its amazing of how true it captures the kiwi spirit – a real heart warmer. It’ll make ye want to smash your subaru into thy neighbour’s suv. Its choice bro! :thumbup:

Just make sure you turn on the subtitles, i’ve been here for 3 years and i can still can’t undastind tha kiwispeak 😆

Official Kaikohe Demolition Website

some movie stills: