Halcydon ID: Unique Domain Names for Sale

Your Domain is your identity

Halcydon.com is a new project that I have started with my wife. Since working several startups, I have alot of experience with domain and a lot of passion for it. We decided to have fun and discover domains that can fulfill a unique niche. Having bought thousands of domain over the last 20 years, I found it extremely frustrating to get casual domain parking pages with arbitrary prices with no reference to the domain history, keyword traffic, sales comparision and other valuable data. Many market places will not investigate these factors as they are likely to spurn away potential buyers. Caveat Emptor when buying from these resources!

We do our homework for you – these are all things we do before listing our domains:

We are happy to tell you more about our process, we believe that having an informed decision carries.

So visit Halcydon.com for the best domains for sale: