Entheos Foundation New Zealand

Entheos Foundation New Zealand became New Zealand's first psychedelic research charity in 2020.

In 2019, I had the pleasure of meeting many of the pioneers of psychedelic research in New Zealand, including one Amadeus Diamond. A year laterĀ  – Amadeus, myself, and many tireless members of the community formed New Zealand’s first Psychedelic Research Charity, named the Entheos. The aim of the organisation is raise money for local research and education regarding the use of Psychedelics in medicine and psychotherapy. Currently, the team draws on expertise from various disciplines such as psychiatry, neuroscience, criminology and pharmacology.

It is also a goal to change the perception of these medicines in New Zealand by removing the social stigma of Psychedelics. We hope to provide information for those who are suffering and work towards healing in a safe and supported way. We are committed to an honest, responsible account of that research and how results may effect our mission.

To read more about our New Zealand Psychedelics Organisation, please visit this link.

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