Updates and Polanoid Shot of the Day winners.

Posted by on Aug 18 2020, in packfilm, parahanga, polaroid, Shot of the Day

This is the first post in a very long while!

After migrating this site from blogger to self hosted system, I realised that I have many analoque images that I have not posted on Parahanga, they instead went to Flickr and Polanoid.  While I have no issues with Flickr and Polanoid, I find it important to have the images here on my own site, away from corporate terms and conditions. One need only to look at what happened to PhotoBucket (incidentally I lost a few of my older digital pictures there).

So over the next few months, updates are coming!  They won’t be new photos, but rather photos posted Flickr. In time,  brand new photos may posted here as well.

While winning prizes and awards is not a primary motivator of mine, I thought it would nice to show the six Polanoid shots of the day I’ve won over the last ten years. Some several years after I posted them!



Shot of the day for 2009-12-17


Shot of the day for 2010-02-08


Shot of the day for 2014-11-17


Shot of the day for 2017-12-17


Shot of the day for 2018-04-17


Shot of the day for 2020-01-07



  • piupiu

    pai ana!!!

    looks mean as, glad youre back 🙂

    • yesss! good to be back 🙂

  • A

    Hi Parahanga! Love the shots. Interested if you have any advice in how to get started in creating miniature scenes. Cheers

    • Hi thanks! I think you’ve give inspiration of what to write for my next post here 🙂 give me a little bit of time and I’ll see what I can muster up.