Sketch of the Day Theme: galaxy

Posted by on Sep 06 2019, in kraxn, sketch of the day

So I just didn’t feel like drawing anything too space age – so today’s theme Galaxy is an intergalactic grocer name Møe. The text on image from top to bottom, left to right (some is not very legible):

  • Galaxy Møe’s subpar market
  • It’s a blackhole of savings!!!
  • We are too cheap to be cheerful
  • Preloved Launch Nappies
  • Special Last years Nebulae Squid ₭ 7. Expired Mentats only ₭ 999.41
  • Open 47 Hours a Day, 12 Days a week, 591 Days a year.
  • Hint we are always fucking open
  • Warning Shoplifters will be dismembered, processed in tins, and placed in our ‘reduced to clear’ aisle
  • Just arrived: molecule mackerel, Plutonian Eels, Oort Chips, Radiated Giblets, Vacuum Burgers
  • Irregular Meateater Melons.