Sketch of the Day Theme: teach

Posted by on Jul 10 2019, in kraxn, sketch of the day

A savage critique from an art teacher.

teacher: Mister Tom Hicks
student: Kraxn
topic: Best Day in my life 🙂
Grade: F-

There is a lot wrong here. Let’s start with that thing flying in the air. What is that, a pterodactyl? Don’t you know they went extinct millions of years ago? Even a neanderthal like you should know that!

And that guy kicking the ball, I am assuming that is you? All I’ve got to say is this: LOOMIS. FREAKING. METHOD. Don’t you listen in class? And those shoes, are you were upside down lego bricks?

Are you serious, that football is MAUVE?!? This is a crime against humanity. And finally, BRAVO! You kicked a goal against a tubby kid with microcephaly. You should feel proud of yourself.. NOT!

Why can’t you be more like Sally? She draws heaps better than you and she’s a girl! You need to seriously reconsider your life choices.