Juniper Squeak-Easy

Posted by on Oct 05 2018, in Photography

On the 24th of July, we rescued an abandoned baby Muscovy duck on our farm in Tahsis. For 4 months, the joy that Juniper brought in our was ineffable. Being around Juniper always put a smile on our faces and also on others. She is cheeky Muscovy and there were enumerable antics that this duck got up to. Also, Juniper was the impetus for us to go on a vegetarian diet too – so much change that came from this bundle of fluffy feathers. Unfortunately our farm became unsafe from wild animals (including bears, minks, and eagles), and furthermore, her sibling ducks were being raised for meat, and not eggs. Furthermore, we had to return back to New Zealand, so it became apparent we had to find a new home for Juniper. Eventually we found a new, loving family for Juniper in the neighbouring village of Gold River.

Juniper nickname was also ‘squeaky’, when she was tiny she was very vocal with a soft but vibrate ‘peep peep’. So we dubbed her ‘Juniper Squeak-Easy’! Here are some of her glamour shots: