winter gardening

Posted by on May 23 2010, in 120 film, cross processing, Holga, parahanga

This is hard to appreciate until you see it big – looks dark but enlarged the lighting is much more dramatic. Photo was cross processed (used c-41 chemicals for slide film). Shot on a holga camera


winter gardening
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  • SR

    Hi 😀 i googled 'fix polaroid camera in nz' and you came up lol since i'm so desperate to find someone who at least i can ask about polaroid cameras.. do you know where i can fix my polaroid sx-70? i dropped it on the floor and i think very small part has broken and it wouldn't close properly. Though, very luckily no problems with taking photos. But still I'd like someone to at least have a look at him.. If you could help me out, that'd be so sweet. And I love your shots! 😀 😀

  • Hi there, sorry for the late reply. Unfortunately, You'll be fairly hard pressed to find some body repair an SX-70 around these parts. You are very lucky it still works!

    The SX-70 is a bit more complicated than pack film polaroids (peel apart kind). If camera has sentimental value (all my polaroid cameras are my like my children!) the best bet would be to find broken sx-70 in a garage sale or trademe. Its probaly just a plastic hinge that broke off and you can replace from the one camera and put on the other, or get some number 8 wire out and fashion similar part.

    Unfortunately, and surpisely, I don't own an SX-70 camera but i do a 1200 which uses the same film. If you are stuck, email me via

    all the best!