“Post Apocalyptic” Search Trends on Google – Does Scandinavia love the end of the world?

Posted by on Mar 11 2010, in apocalypticpost, google trends, post apocalyptic, Scandinavia

I just a quick lookup of the term ‘Post Apocalyptic’ on Google Trends – the term certainly has been on the increase the past couple of years:

post apocalyptic trends

What I find interesting is the term is especially highly used for Scandinavian countries – perhaps they feel that Ragnarök is approaching? Perhaps it has something to do with extremity of the poles – Canada rounds up the northern half  as well as a couple of down-under countries, Australia and New Zealand.

1. Sweden
2. Finland
3. Norway
4. Canada
5. United States
6. New Zealand
7. Australia
8. United Kingdom
9. Netherlands
10. Poland